I love this game! I’ve been playing it for over fifty years & still can’t get it right. But like most golfers, I keep on trying. Like most golfers, I’ve tried all of the gadgets, the latest, greatest of clubs, balls, shoes, etc., etc., etc. (a nod to Yule Brynner).
So, I decided to look for a new range finder. My current one is 4 years old so it’s time, right?
Wow! $800.00 for the latest & greatest. No way! That’s as much as I paid for my newest phone.
Wait, why can’t I use my phone to find the distance to the green? So, I go looking around & sure enough there are apps for that. I cruise Google Play and find all kinds of phone apps that say they will do what I’m looking for. Some are even free. Now you’re talking, I like free.As I read the reviews, I learn that some apps require downloading a course to my phone. That takes up memory and you have to purchase the course to download. If I want to play a different course, I need to buy that download. Next, I look at some of the free apps only to discover that they have ads. That’s not gonna happen. Other free apps aren’t really free. Download it, start playing the round & on the 4th hole you get a message that says “if you wish to continue using this app, please pay $$$ to continue. Those sorry dogs.So, I think there has to be a simple, no gimmick way to do this & I came up with “It’s In The Hole”. (A nod to the greatest golf movie EVER). So easy to use, as you can see from the demo. It ain’t free but it’s cheap. It is free of ads, so no annoying banners to take up screen space. It won’t gig you for $$ half way through the round & you can save your score cards in the app.
There’s not much more to say about my app. It’s easy to use, shaky hands won’t affect the accuracy and it’s cheap. For less money than you spend on tees each year you get a highly accurate app.So, where’s the 1st tee and what’s the course record?????